The cat went to its owner eight years later, not knowing that he was no longer alive.

Bubby, one cat with a difficult fate, had a very sad life. Once a Canadian named Boyd picked up Bubby practically in his yard. The animal was three-legged and had no end of tail.

Boyd felt sorry for the poor thing, so he let him into his house. So they became friends. They had a great relationship, Boyd loved his pet very much, and it was mutual.

One day Bubby went missing. During the search, Boyd died: he was already quite an old man. People who lived in the neighborhood tried to find Bubby, but they failed. They concluded that the cat would never return.

For eight years no one had heard of Bubby. But suddenly the cat came to his old house. He had no idea that Boyd was no longer alive. The neighbors tried to attract the cat to them, but he didn’t react to them in any way.

In his old house, tenants have long been replaced. The neighbors told them what was happening. Those people opened the door for Bubby when he came, and the cat just went inside. So they managed to catch him.

Bubby was examined by a veterinarian, prescribed the necessary medications and procedures, after which the cat was sent to the shelter. He did not stay there for long: the compassionate employee took pity on him and took him with her.

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