The cat threw itself at the feet of people, asking for help, but no one even stopped.

It was hot outside and Sveta wanted a cold drink. She decided to stop by the village shop. When the girl got out of the car, she saw a cat screaming heart-rendingly and rushing under the feet of people. However, no one stopped, although everyone saw that the animal was in a terrible state.

There was a huge wound on the cat’s head, it was impossible not to notice it. Sveta has already forgotten why she came to the store, grabbed the cat and went to the vet.

Before, the white cat was beautiful and someone loved it. However, when it got sick, it turned out to be unnecessary to anyone, and such an unusual life on the street almost became cancer for it. All the way to the clinic, the cat cried and complained to Sveta about its life.

It really wanted to be loved again, to be cared for again, so that someone would relieve it of pain and caress it. The cat tried to move closer to the girl, fearing that it would again be on the street all alone and unnecessary to anyone.

At first the veterinarians washed the cat. After that they treated the wound and took tests. The results were poor.

The cat was diagnosed with a large number of serious diseases that its body could not fight on the street. Long-term treatment awaits it, but the main thing was that it would help the cat.

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