The cat scratched the window of the cafe and meowed — so she called people for help to take them to the box in the forest

This story happened in winter, when it was freezing outside. Fortunately, everything ended well. It’s about maternal love, which is strong in both humans and animals .

It all happened in the afternoon near the cafe, when there were quite a lot of visitors. People heard someone scratching at the window and saw a cat on the street, which stood outside the window, scratching the glass and meowing loudly. People approached  the animal to understand what it wants. The cafe staff wanted to chase the cat away, but the young couple would not let them do it.

The couple were not frightened by the winter forest, and they continued to follow the cat. And it turned out that it was not in vain. After a while, they saw a cardboard box in front of them, in which someone was fumbling around .

The worst thing is that the box was sealed with duct tape and the one who was in it couldn’t get out of it. When the boy and girl opened the box, they saw that there were three newborn kittens in it. At the same second, the cat jumped into the box, curled up around the kids and began to feed and warm them. The couple took the box with the feline family to their home. So the animals were saved.

And the cat is great and proved that all mothers are ready for anything for the sake of their children. She also showed that animals are intelligent and quick-witted creatures. We are glad that the couple followed the cat and saved all the kittens. Only those who threw the kids out into the cold, in the forest, and even sealed the box with duct tape, are not worthy of being called a man.

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