The cat ran home, and he was again kicked out to the entrance, where they threw him a doormat.

The cat was lying on an old shirt. He didn’t even try to run away. It was noticeable that the animal was very frightened.

And now I’ll tell you in more detail the story of this poor fellow: during the day my relatives saw him at the entrance when they left the apartment. The cat either sat in the corner, then completely disappeared.

When someone walked near him, the cat jumped on the walls from fright, he literally “flew” along the railing. And then my sister’s daughter said that recently a grandmother on the top floor had died in the entrance. The furniture was taken out of her apartment.

When all the furniture was taken out, a man came down. He laid out an old shirt, set dishes for the animal with food and water, and then left.

The cat was nicknamed Vinny. He had an original appearance and an interesting color. For a couple of days the cat was in a state of shock. He refused food and drink. Tests were taken from the cat, he was found to have problems with the liver. There was a course of treatment and castration.

Probably before her death, the grandmother was very ill and could not take care of the animal fully, his hair was tangled in tight tangles.

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