The cat is so friendly with dogs that he considers himself one of them.

The story about unusual pets appeared on the social network — two dogs and a cat. Shared the story of the hostess of animals. The kitten was the last to appear in the family, it was found and brought home by the girl’s husband. The cat was hit by a car and suffered a lot. The dogs not only accepted their new friend well, but immediately came to its defense and tried to help the baby in everything.

Surrounded by the attention of the dogs, the cat began to think that he was one of them and to adopt their demeanor. Now, on a walk, it is no longer dogs that protect him from other dogs — the cat is the first to start driving other animals away from his friends.

The comicalness of the situation is enhanced by the very lively facial expressions of the cat. He literally knows how to make faces and give himself a very formidable look.

The serious expression on his face and the warlike character of Azmael, the cat received such a nickname, do not prevent him from being a favorite of the whole family.

After the accident, injuries did not allow the cat to fully move, today he still has not fully restored his skills, but even so, the family is happy that he appeared in their lives.

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