The cat has a damaged face: nose, no front teeth, an infection in the eyes and it almost doesn’t move.

A couple of days ago I saw her from the balcony. She just lay there and looked at me. I went downstairs, approached her and realized that the case was very difficult.

The cat did not have a face, nose, front teeth, it was covered in sores, and there was an infection in its eyes. The unfortunate animal almost didn’t move.

I just could not leave her in such a state and took her to the veterinary clinic. The doctor made the presumptive diagnoses — infections and cancer. Honestly, I was very afraid to meet such an animal. I do not know what to do!

I left her in my bathroom for now, but risk my cat. But I saw no other way out. Throwing it in the street, but it’s like signing a death warrant with my own hand.

She is very weak, she cannot eat or even drink herself! But on the other hand, when I drove her to the clinic, she purred all the way, realizing that we wanted to help her.

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