The cat from the shelter tightly hugged the girl and no longer wanted to let her go.

Jessica and her boyfriend Andy decided to get a pet. It was decided to take the cat from the shelter, because there are so many fluffy babies in need of love and affection.

During a visit to a shelter, from one cage, a big sad cat looked at them. Jessica really wanted to take the purr in her arms and stroke it a little. The cat immediately reacted to the caress — he laid his head on the girl’s shoulder and practically hugged her, not wanting to let go.

A cat named Klatch got to the shelter because of his quarrelsome nature. The animal did not want to communicate with other cats or with children. At home, a baby and a kitten was already waiting for Jessica with whom Klatch could not get along, so the couple could not take him with them.

Jessica decided to help the hug lover in another way — she took pictures and wrote a post about the cat on the social network. The photos touched the subscribers so much that the information that Klatch needed a family spread almost instantly and after a few days he was taken to a new home. The owners agree to put up with the difficult nature of their pet, but still hope that over time he will become more friendly and accommodating.

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