The cat dropped the pot, but his behavior easily escaped punishment.

My cat lay on the couch and looked very bored. Not knowing what to do with itself, in my opinion, is a big problem for almost all cats. My furry decided that a walk on the windowsill would be great fun.

On my windowsills, indoor flowers create a real jungle, I think that’s why the cat decided that it would be a walk akin to going out into the fresh air. That’s just cats and flowers in pots do not match at all.

The collision with the pot happened almost in the first minutes of the walk. The cat was very offended by the impudent one who did not give way to him and immediately began to take revenge — the path was cleared with a quick movement of the paw, and the pot was on the floor.

Anticipating that I would not like such a resolution of the dispute, the cat decided to get out of the situation in an original way — staggering heavily and imitating a semi-conscious state, the cat fell from the windowsill near the pot and closed his eyes.

Feigning loss of consciousness, my pet still peeped from time to time, trying to understand my reaction. To be honest, I couldn’t even get angry because of the pot, his theatrical performance turned out to be so funny.

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