The cat became a mother for four newborn squirrels: how cute and touching.

The squirrel’s mother died, and a cat named Paula replaced her. Now she is engaged in feeding and raising ginger babies. The animals sleep, play, eat together and are very happy together.

The pictures of this amazing family are touching.

The cat perceives the squirrels as its children. Paula had to replace their mother, who died. And the kids really like their new mother.

Animals do everything together and live in one of the parks of Bakhchisarai. Gingers climb on their mom and love when she licks them.

They do everything together: eat, sleep, play.

All children need a mother and animals are no exception. And as you can see, in their world there is also a place for love, warmth and affection, even for other people’s children. And with a mother like Paula, with squirrels everything will be fine.

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