The cat and her babies were left in a box near the trash can. She warmed her kittens to the last.

How can someone leave an animal, and even more so tiny and defenseless, in the trash? How did they deserve this attitude?

Everyone knows that many bad owners get rid of kittens in various ways, leaving their mother to live with her. But in this case, not only the babies were left in the trash, but also their mother.

The cat looked at people with pleading eyes, realizing that not only her life, but also the life of her children depended on her. She hugged her cubs tightly with her paws, crushing them under her so that they would be warm.

The feline family was saved thanks to a caring girl who discovered the pets in time. They did not stay in the cold for long, the cat got off with fright, and everything was fine with the kittens.

Who could do that? After all, they need to be completely without a heart in order to throw out a cat that caressed, purred and loved the owner. Why have an animal if you don’t need it?

We do not know the details, and the cat will not be able to tell anything. Only one thing is clear, that having done this once, this person, if necessary, will do so the second time, and the third… He has no pity and compassion.

And it doesn’t matter that it is a cat, it is first of all a mother. And mothers love their children infinitely. The cat did not abandon her babies, but stayed with them until the last, hoping for the best. And she waited for help!

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