The abandoned puppy still has good manners and politely asks for food from passers-by.

The puppy had to adapt to the lonely life on the city streets.

Life on the street is very difficult for any animal. They themselves need to look for shelter from the rain and the sun, and often also hide from people who want to offend or drive away, even if the animal does not cause problems or does not approach them at all. And the most difficult problem is to find food and water.

The street puppy knew how difficult it is to feed itself, so it learned to very politely ask passers-by for food — sitting on its hind legs and gently stretching the front one .

Noticing the manners unusual for a street dog, one family decided to take it off the street and give the animal a home.

Now the dog will have to show its upbringing in front of new owners, and we hope it will never be forced to ask for food again.

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