Thanks to the «eternally surprised» look, Theodore the cat became known all over the world

A cat named Theodore lives in the Rostov region. He is now one of the most famous cats in the whole world. His pictures appear in the Western press, and thousands of Internet users follow his life. The pet achieved such popularity due to its unusual appearance .

Theodore enchants with the fact that he has an eternally surprised look. It is still unknown why his appearance is unique. Natalie’s cat and his sister were brought by a street cat. She chose a house, and then disappeared. Theodore was very weak and sick. He didn’t play, didn’t run and lay down almost all the time. However, the kitten managed to go out, and a neighbor’s cat was engaged in raising it.

«He looked after and took care of him» — says Natalie

Soon the famous cat will be 2 years old. He lacks the usual feline grace and is in poor health. Only for a year he learnd to jump onto the windowsill .

“For us, he is the most ordinary cat, because we are used to him. I didn’t even think that he would become so popular” , says the owner Theodore .

There are enough cats on the Internet even without Theodore, because Natalie first published funny photos for her friends on her page on the social network. But with each new picture, the number of friends grew. Today Theodore has over 100,000 subscribers. And Natalie, due to work, hardly manages to manage the cat’s accounts with a surprised look.

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