Sometimes you don’t know how your day will end. Today the kitten is left without an ear.

When we went to take out the trash, we found a fluffy cat near the containers, which lay on the ground and twitched. It turned out that the kitten doesn’t have one ear, and the wound is bleeding instead. The unfortunate animal’s hind legs were cramping .

The veterinary clinic said it wasn’t the dog who did it. We assumed that the kitten could be injured under the hood of the car. The auditory canal was torn out, but all other organs and bones are not injured.

In the same day the kitten had an operation. The ear had to be sewn up. They also took tests to check for infections. Fortunately, the results were negative. The kitten itself is clean, there is not a single flea. One can only make assumptions whether it is pet or not.

By the way, it turned out to be a girl whom we named Evie.

Now the baby is recovering and gaining strength. When we come to visit her, she puffs in our palms and always purrs. We can’t even imagine how much it hurt her. But she still trusts people.

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