Red-haired kitten slept in rags on the floor. He used to have a mom with milk, but he was taken away from it.

A ginger kitten was lying on the floor on rags. It seemed to the cub that it would live its whole life in this garage, although somewhere in the depths of its consciousness there were still memories of its mother with warm fur and the smell of milk. People came to Ginger and left food, he was full, but very lonely. He wandered around the garage and looked into all corners, from the dust around his hair had long ceased to be red, but became dirty, matted, and it also itched very much.

People didn’t look in very often, the baby quickly ate what they left, and then suffered from thirst for long days, because the water ran out so quickly. For himself, Ginger made a decision — the next time the door opens, he will escape from his captivity, or at least try to do it.

The escape was a success, only it turned out to be much worse on the street than in the garage — the cold reigned around, the people who, albeit rarely, but brought food were gone. The kid was left alone, and everyone just passed by.

Only one grandmother noticed the kitten, regretted it and brought him food, and then left…

Ginger was lucky — his grandmother came back for him. So he got a house where he is loved, and he answers with all the ardor of his little heart.

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