People rescued a dog tied to a tree in the cold with a rewound muzzle so as not to bark.

The story took place at a ski resort in Chelyabinsk. There, people accidentally found a Rottweiler dog, which was tied to a tree. The frightened and frozen pet was taken to an animal protection organization. Now the Rottweiler is fine and his life is not in danger.

— At first I was scared, as the dog growled and tried to bite. But that was before we gave him food. He was very skinny, as if he had been poorly fed. Although I do not know anything about this breed, the pet seemed to me affectionate. When we put him in the car, he was fondling me all the way, — says Anna, who handed the dog over to animal rights activists.

— It is clear that the owner tied the dog to a tree and judging by the snow around and the swelling of the muzzle, she stayed there for about a day. People found the dog in a frightened state, he was literally trembling all over, — the volunteers of the shelter shared. — One of our employees immediately reacted and went to rescue the guy. From there he was immediately taken to the veterinarian.

Now everything is fine with the dog, he is healthy. The vet said he was about three years old. We do not know what to name the person who sent his pet to die of hunger and cold. We live in the 21st century, and people still tie animals in the forest and abandon them.

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