On the way back from vacation, the family stopped for lunch at a cafe. Having dined, they found a guest on the hood.

The road from vacation was long, so when Nikolai saw a cafe on the highway, he immediately stopped. The sign promised delicious and inexpensive meals, and numerous trucks parked nearby confirmed the advertisement. It was noticeable that those who constantly travel along the highway are not afraid to dine here.

After having a delicious okroshka and shish kebab, less than an hour later the whole family returned to their car. It turned out that during this time a new fellow traveler nailed to them. The fluffy cat was basking in the sun, stretched out on the hood and clearly had no intention of going anywhere.

“We’ll be leaving now, if you go,” Nikolai tried to reason with the uninvited guest.

The cat only looked at the man and, showing with all his appearance that he was not an authority for him, turned over to the other side.

Nikolai decided to throw the cat to the side of the road, but looking at the baby tempered his anger.

“Let’s take the cat with us,” Anna’s daughter unexpectedly suggested.

“Honey, his home is here. He won’t go anywhere with us,” the mother tried to smooth the situation.

The cat decided to refute the categorical opinion of his parents, and as soon as Nikolai opened the door, the animal jumped into the cabin and lay down in the driver’s seat.

– Look, he decided to go with us! – Anna shouted joyfully, and Liam smiled, assenting to his sister.

The family returned home from vacation with a new pet. It turned out that the cat feels great in the car. The animal lay quietly on the seat and watched a cartoon with the children on the tablet, and closer to the night it began to purr, trying to help put the kids to bed. Driving up to the house, the whole family was sure that the cat had become their new pet.

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