My husband was against the cat at home, so I sent Mia outside.

— My husband did not want the cat to live in our house, so I took Mia outside.

A woman told us this when we were trying to catch a thin and frightened cat. The pet was very afraid of the street, hiding under cars and every faint sound caused her panic, trembling and tears.

We asked the former Mia owner what was the reason for such an act. She replied that the new spouse said to get rid of the animal, that’s why she did it, because the husband is more important .

Let’s not argue that the family is important. But can’t a pet be part of the family? Although if the husband is allergic to wool? We asked the woman about this, but she replied that the cat just infuriated her husband and that’s it.

The cat was afraid of us, all the time running away and hiding under cars. We had to work hard to finally catch her.

Every day this woman passed by the cat that used to live in her house. I saw that the cat was sitting all hunched over with fear. under balconies or under a car. We couldn’t just go through and decided to take the cat to the shelter, although we already have overpopulation there.

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