“Maybe someone will have time to save me? Maybe they will have time to warm me up? What if not” .

I see that a man has come. Maybe he will have time to save me, but maybe not. Maybe they can warm me up, but maybe not.

Dog, look into the eyes of your master, who abandoned you. He did not need you, although you were the most faithful friend. Look into his eyes, maybe his conscience will wake up? Or maybe not…

Too many dogs freeze to death because their owners just threw them out like trash on the street. The reasons for doing this may be different, but none of them justify what they did.

Such people, although they do not deserve to be called that, have no heart, no soul. Maybe they even drove them out with a stick, in spite of the fact that dogs have been our friends for a long time, our smaller brothers. But a person will easily betray the one who loves him.

The worst thing is that the dogs do not understand that they are not guilty of anything, that they were kicked out into the cold just like that. They bury themselves in the snow, run, but this does not help. The frost is too strong, even the eyes freeze, the wool does not save. The paws stop bending and even the tongue freezes.

There is very little left and the dog will be gone. “Goodbye to human cruelty. I won’t interfere with you anymore ”.

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