Lucy crossed the road, barely able to stand, she hadn’t eaten anything for many days.

Lucy was already struggling to stand on her feet, she was crossing the road very slowly, and the impatient drivers kept honking and honking.

She had not eaten anything for many days, but the feeling of hunger was no longer, only her eyes were getting darker. Lucy was just looking for a secluded corner where to fall and not get up again.

She was tired of such a life, when it was constantly cold, hungry, but most of all from the feeling of loneliness.

She once had a house, but there she was no longer needed. After all, Lucy did not run fast enough on the hunt and could not catch the fowl. Therefore, she was thrown out into the street.

Lucy dreamed of death, because she was tired of freezing and starving. She wanted everything to end faster.

Now she was walking too, not thinking where to get food, but only wanting a quick end.

Suddenly, a sausage fell near her, Lucy could not even understand that this was food that needed to be eaten. She just looked at her in bewilderment. Then she bent down, sniffed and swallowed.

Lucy ate a sausage, then found a quiet corner and fell asleep. Nobody knows what happened to her next. She was no longer seen on the streets.

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