Life does not end if you are locked in a box and left in the forest: The cat Lisa is sure.

Something went wrong in Lisa’s life. But before she lived in a house with loving owners and was happy. And then it went into the box…

Lisa was put in a box and taken to the forest. This forest was the Metallurg ski base.

Here is a post published on VK:

“It’s a cat. Yesterday it was discovered by caring people on the path leading to the Metallurg ski base. Someone dumped the cat in a box, not far from the road. The cat is very frightened, flatly refuses to climb out of the box. Now we can not even draw a conclusion regarding the sex of the animal. I don’t know if it’s a kitten or a cat. This is probably a teenage kitten, as it does not look like an adult cat in size.

At first, the cat flatly refused to eat, but then she ate anyway.

At first, the cat did not want to eat, but simply sat motionless on the windowsill and looked with sad eyes. 

Then she started drinking water. Soon she lost her appetite again, so we took her to the veterinary clinic for a checkup.

Lisa was tested there.

The doctor prescribed treatment, after which the cat went on the mend.

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