“Let him stay in the basement until someone takes it,” said the owner of the cat.

“Let him sit in the basement until someone picks him up,” these words were said by the owner of the discarded cat. He also took a photo and added compassionate inscriptions: “help, the cat is sitting in the basement and is afraid.”

The owner of the cat did not even bother to put his pet in a carrier and hand it over to the zoo-taxi driver.

What kind of life the cat lived, one can only guess. He is very scared and emaciated. The cat is afraid of everything, walks on bent legs and constantly tries to hide. Also, the poor fellow was diagnosed with stenosis of the nasal passages. This disease makes it difficult for him to breathe. Sitting in the basement, the cat is shaking with fear and helplessness. Nobody wanted to help him.

After a couple of days it became clear why the cat was thrown out. He was diagnosed with chronic urolithiasis. Often he cannot go to the toilet. They did an ultrasound. Salt deposits were found on the bladder. Also, the wall of the bladder is enlarged. Maybe cystitis appeared on the background of stress.

The cat had a rhinoplasty and was prescribed medication.

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