Kind dog Toby provided accommodation for all cats left without guardianship.

This story took place in Primorsky Krai, where there is always a lot of snow in winter. And one more feature of this area was that there were never severe frosts for which our country is famous. And this was due to the warm air of the coast, which held back the onset of the cold wind from Siberia.

The dog Toby even lived outside in winter, but he never felt the cold, thanks to his thick coat. He liked to wallow in the snow and eat snow instead of water. And he never got sick, his warm coat kept him warm.

But the cats that lived on the street were very cold. but they all knew that Toby was very kind and allowed the cats to come into his booth to warm up.

All homeless cats could spend the night in a doghouse, and the dog at that time protected their sleep, lying near the entrance to the booth. the dog did not leave his post, even when his owner brought him food, feeling responsible for his guests. Probably everyone guessed that Toby did not spare food for hungry cats.

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