Instead of a roof and a house, the kitty and her children had a box and leaves over their heads.

The Amazon ended up in one of the courtyards of Smolensk, where her former owners threw her. By the time I found out about her, the cat was already pregnant. The Amazon lived just on the street not far from her former home, the day the babies were born was getting closer, but she still had nowhere to go.

A friend who lives in this yard called me and said that the cat became a mother and now the whole family lives in a box just under the open sky, and the grandmothers living in the house decide which of them will “deal” with the kids until they grow up.

According to the forecast, long rains were to begin soon, the locals were not happy with the kittens, and my friend could not take them from the street to her house even for a while. Thus, the cat family ended up in my house. in the box I brought was a tricolor cat and her four kittens, two girls and two boys. I arranged for the family to live in a separate cage.

The cat was very jealous of her babies and protected them even from a hypothetical threat, for example, she looked incredulously when I put food and water. Over time, mother-cat got used to me and even began to come and ask to be stroked.

When the cat ran out of milk, she was spayed. The kids had to be treated, because they were very weak and during their life on the street a fungus developed in their ears. Kittens still need new families.

The kittens have grown up, the girls have been sterilized, but the kids still come to their mother, and she does not mind giving them her affection.

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