In winter, at the garbage cans, there are 2 cubs, clinging to each other: they are trying to keep warm and survive.

It was a frosty winter evening in the city of Chekhov. Near the dumpsters, right on the ground, lay two small puppies, who, with their last strength, clung to each other in order to somehow warm themselves and survive.

A girl was passing by and noticed them. Brought the cubs a box and covers, fed them and called us.

We took them to the shelter, fed them, warmed them up and treated them for any parasites.

However, after a couple of days, the red-haired dog fell down. She was taken by our volunteer to her home. The puppy turned out to have the strongest invasion, the treatment was difficult and long.

The invasion was cured, but the stomach does not work well, it needs to be treated again. The probiotics helped.

When the baby recovered, they took her back to the shelter. They named her Amore.

Her childhood was stolen from her when she was thrown into the trash. A third of childhood was spent in cold, hunger and treatment.

We are looking for a home for her, where she will be happy, in order to return to her at least part of her stolen childhood.

She is very funny, playful and sweet. He is friends with all the other teenagers.

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