In a battle with dogs, the cat lost its front legs, but the man didn’t leave the baby in trouble.

Osman Kaplan lives in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, who is engaged in volunteer activities according to his capabilities. He helps people by arranging food distributions for the homeless, he helps animals too. Once he noticed a three-month-old kitten on the street.

The poor kitty was badly hurt in a fight with the dogs. When the man saw it, he was shocked. The unfortunate animal was missing one front paw, and the other was in a terrible state. Osman took the baby to the veterinary clinic, where the doctor had to amputate the other paw as well, since he could not do anything else.

The man understood that such a cat had almost no chance of finding a home. Therefore, he decided to keep the pet for himself. He called her Zayna. The little girl quickly recovered, although she had difficulty getting around the house. The biggest problem for the cat was to eat, since without front paws, eating from a bowl on the floor is, to put it mildly, not convenient. Then the owner came up with a special table for his pet, into which he inserted bowls.

Zane was able to quickly adapt to such a table and there were no more problems with food. Over time, the cat learned to move on its hind legs, in the manner of a kangaroo. She does it pretty quickly and without any problems. If the cat wants to sit on a sofa or on an armchair, then her beloved owner helps her with this.

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