In 2018 the child of the year was a 7-year-old boy who saved 1300 dogs from the street.

To be a kind and sympathetic person, it is not necessary to be an adult. This is exactly what a boy named Harry White, who is only 8 years old, proves. He was able to help over 1400 dogs. The United States Conservation Organization named the young hero «Child of the Year» in 2019 for his caring attitude.

The little hero was only 4 years old when he began to worry about the homeless or the pets living in the shelter. A few years later, Harry, with the help of his mother, became the founder of an organization that is dedicated to saving such dogs. For pets, he finds caring owners.

Together with his mother, Harry went to Washington after he was awarded. There he talked about what he was doing. As early as the age of 4, he told his family not to give him presents for the holidays, but to give him money instead, which would help him save the dogs.

His mother Alice helps the boy in everything. She is very proud of him. She said that only in December they managed to find owners for 33 animals.

The young hero still remembers the first dog he could help. His name was Pete and he was a big dog. Despite the impressive size, the dog was kind and affectionate. Thanks to the boy’s good heart, many dogs now have homes, food and care.

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