“I’ll throw it out where you brought it from”: my father said 10 years ago about a kitten I brought from the street.

This story began when I was 12 years old. What are girls thinking at that age? I was only interested in walks with girlfriends and fun. Once, near the trash cans, I saw a tiny kitten squealing in a plaintive voice.

First of all, I went in search of the baby’s mother, but I could not find her. I realized that the kitten was lost or a misfortune happened to the cat. Then I decided to take the baby home. When my mother saw the kitten, she took it calmly, but my father got angry. Apparently, his plans didn’t include a pet. Dad burst out with a cry:

«I’ll throw this cat back where you picked him up».

However, my mother and I were adamant, and my father had to give up. The cat stayed with us.

At first, dad completely ignored the cat and treated him with dislike. He tried to find at least some reason to give the kitten, but there was no reason for this.

Then my mom and I needed to leave and dad had to be alone with the cat for several days. Such a crumb needs only one thing from a person: food and games. The father had to feed the kitten. He also kindly provided him with his leg for games. ..when we returned, we saw that dad no longer felt negative for the kitten, he accepted it.

Now I have become a grown girl, I am 21 years old. I started an independent life, and when I moved out from my parents I took the cat, because I brought him, so the responsibility is on me.

Mom hardly asks about the cat, and the father often wonders how he is doing. When dad comes to visit me, he constantly plays with the pet. When I remind my father that he wanted to throw the kitten away, my father says that he does not remember this.

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