I saw how the hens lay unnaturally in the yard. Sounded the alarm, but the vet surprised.

My grandmother is a village girl. She raised chickens all her life. Also, my mother did it too. Now their business is inherited by me. Of course, in addition to chickens, we have other living creatures, but I will talk about it next time.

One day I went out of the house and saw that the birds were lying all over the yard. Previously, they never lay there at all, but only “played catch-up” with roosters. And that day they lay motionless, and in unnatural positions. There was a feeling that they were very weakened, because the birds lay motionless and silent. Only sometimes one of them gave a voice.

I was very scared, and there were reasons for my panic. A couple of years ago, all our chickens got very sick, half of them died. I thought that the disease that provoked that event had returned. In order not to waste time, I called the veterinarian to the house.

The specialist came, did an examination and reported a verdict that stunned me: the birds were under the influence of alcohol. He suggested that they were pecking at overripe berries that had fermented in the sun. Suddenly it dawned on me: recently I was preparing a tincture and threw out the excess berries in the yard.

A few days have passed, the chickens have sobered up and are in a great mood.

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