“I don’t want to leave without you”: the old dog lies by the subway for days and waits for the owner to return.

Dog fidelity knowingly became a real legend. These animals are able to love a person like no other.

The world is watching with tenderness the life of a dog whose devotion to the owner knows no bounds. Every day, the dog accompanies the owner to the metro station, and then waits for him to return from work. The animal sits at the entrance to the station every day for 12 hours.

This wonderful dog from China is called Bear, he is already 15 years old, he has been living with Chen, his beloved owner, for the last 8 years.

The bear is very difficult to endure parting with his master, so every morning he accompanies him to the subway, trying to spend as much time as possible with him. The bear stays at the entrance to the station and just waits for Chen’s return to be the first to meet him from work. all the time that the dog spends in anticipation, his gaze is fixed in the direction where his master has gone.

While waiting, the dog looks upset and sad, he ignores everything that happens around and does not make contact with people. Even when very hungry, the dog does not take food from the hands of passers-by.

Bear’s sadness is replaced by stormy joy, as soon as Chen appears in his field of vision. Not only the dog rejoices at the meeting, but also its owner.

Those who know the story often compare it to the legendary story of Hachiko. For his loyalty and devotion, the Bear is really worthy of such a comparison.

For the Bear, Cheng is his whole world and the meaning of his life. The dog is happy only in the company of his master, so he escorts him to work every day and meets him after a hard day.

Cheng is also happy to be the owner of such a unique animal and only dreams of Bear living as long as possible.

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