Going out into the street in the morning, they saw a cat that froze with its paws to the bars of a bench.

Going out into the yard in the morning, people noticed a cat whose paws were frozen to the bench. Instead of helping the cat warm up and free it from its ice captivity, people started yelling at the animal and hitting it until it jumped off the bench. The escape cost the cat the skin on its paws, so when it ran away, it left a bloody trail.

People left, and the cat tried to escape by jumping into a warm entrance. She was thrown out of the entrance not without the use of brute force.

I found out about the unfortunate animal only at the end of the day, the animal was still sitting at the entrance – there were no people willing to help him, and there was simply nowhere to hide.

Taking the cat home, I fed and warmed her. After examining the animal, I realized that the problem was not only frostbitten paws, but also a large tumor was clearly visible on the abdomen.

The veterinarian diagnosed frostbite of the paws, the hind legs were especially affected. The doctor expressed a very weak hope that the cat would be able to save her fingers.

When I come across such animals, I wonder what the moment looks like when people stop being people and turn into cruel monsters. Whether it was inherent in a person or something happened that changed him irrevocably. How can you be cruel to those who are smaller than you and will never be able to fight back?

During our lives, we all go through situations that change us, but why do some turn into monsters, while others remain people.

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