Girl gave food to a stray dog, and she could not hold back her tears from such kindness.

In China, a girl fed a dog living in a park, and he began to shed tears, for the first time feeling what kindness on the part of a person means. The video of the crying animal almost instantly went viral in China, causing thousands of people to cry along with the dog.

A video of a dog crying in response to human kindness has gone viral. The video shows that the dog plaintively begged people for food, and when a girl passing by treated her with sausage, the dog began to shed tears of joy and gratitude.

The girl said that she and her friends went to the park for a walk and there they met a stray dog. The dog stood up on its hind legs in front of people and began to beg for food. The girl treated the dog with sausages. Immediately the dog ate the treat greedily, and then his eyes were moistened with tears.

The next day the girl went to the park again and found the dog in the same place where she had first met her. The dog started begging for food again. The girl brought treats for the animal, and after he had eaten, the dog began to cry again. the girl and her friends were very impressed with this dog, they wanted to take her away from the street and, offering a treat, tried to put the dog in the car. The dog ate the treat, but then ran away, not wanting to go on the road with people.

Probably, the dog thought that those who catch dogs approached him and preferred to escape to imprisonment in a cage.  

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