Giant Maine Coon has become a social media star and it’s not photoshop.

Meet this snow-white handsome Maine Coon named Kefir. It has recently become very popular among American social media users. His picture appeared on Reddit and instantly became popular. And all because of the huge size of the cat.

Maine Coon’s owner’s name is Julia and they live in Russia. The weight of a cat per year and two months is 12 kilograms, but this is not the limit, because cats of this breed grow up to 3 years.

“I am amused by the reaction of people who see Kefir for the first time. Many mistake him for a dog. In general, he is a very smart and capable cat. He is very sensitive to the mood of all households, doesn’t yell, like many cats, doesn’t meow, and does not tear up furniture,” shared the hostess.

“He is a very affectionate and kind cat, despite his size,” says Yana.

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