For years, the cat has looked out the windows of people and asked them to let them warm up and eat.

The story that happened in Smolensk is a vivid illustration of the fact that yesterday’s pets can be on the street at any moment. The heroes of our story are a mother cat and her two red kittens.

For three years, this family sought shelter in the private sector, crying under the windows of local residents. Sometimes they fed the cats, but more often they drove them away and then they went in search of food to the nearest garbage dump.

My neighbor was in the area once a week and every time she brought something for the cats. One day she sent me a photo of one of them. The baby had a sore ear, I suspected cancer and took him to be treated. After a while, they brought me the second kitten.

I didn’t have time to pick up mother cat from the street either, the dogs overtook her earlier…

I took cats from the street in the cold. The red cat was very cold and weakened, he was very bothered by worms.

Veterinarians diagnosed inflammation of the lung, the treatment was lengthy. But it helped, but getting rid of the snot did not work. On the pictures, the doctor saw a spot in the lung.

After a while, the cat lost his appetite. New analyzes showed that the kidneys, liver, pancreas need to be treated.

While the cat is on droppers, the veterinarian have to force feed.

Based on the X-ray, the cat was abused. Bullets were lodged near the withers and in the thigh. The veterinarians promise to remove the bullet from the neck when they castrate.

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