For 3 years, the dog has been living without owners in an abandoned house and does not understand why they did this to him.

The owners left the private house, but did not take the dog with them, but left it in the yard, chained to a chain. It happened three years ago and Masha still lived alone all this time. perhaps the owners do not feel sorry for the house and the plot, but how could you leave the animal without even thinking about how it will survive for many years alone?

Masha is a thoroughbred animal, a typical representative of Alabay. the owners left her without thinking about what the chained animal would eat or who might get hurt if she broke off and ran away.

We were told about Masha by neighbors who fed her all these years. As soon as we wrote that the Alabay girl was looking for a family, dozens of people wrote to us. The only pity is that they all wanted to get a dog not as a friend, but for breeding and selling puppies.

Being on a chain and walking Masha did not leave her litters because she understood that her puppies had no chance to survive. An exhausted and hungry dog ​​on a chain does not say anything to do with the males that come to her, but even in the future to use it as an incubator seems cruel.

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