Firefighter risked himself to save two dogs from the fire.

The story takes place in San Diego, California. A few weeks ago there was a fire in a house. The fireman, risking his life, took two dogs out of the fire.

The San Diego fire department received a call — a fire broke out in a private house. People were able to get out on their own, but saving their lives, they forgot about their two dogs.

When firefighters arrived, the house was already full of smoke, but still one of the rescuers decided to find the pets. The news did not say the name of the man, but showed footage of him carrying two small dogs out of the house.

During the rescue, the firefighter did not wear a mask and did not take special equipment with him, as he did not want to waste a single minute. He was afraid that while he was preparing, the dogs might suffocate from the smoke. Therefore, risking himself rushed into the house.

Everything was fine with the animals, they had no burns, and they didn’t inhale the smoke.

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