Feeling a good heart, the one-eyed kid began to climb to the girl with the last of his strength.

If not for one chance meeting, this kitten could have died. He was part of an unwanted offspring brought by a domestic cat. The owners of the mother cat decided to get rid of the baby and abandoned him on the road near the supermarket.

There is always a busy traffic near the store, the death of animals under the wheels of cars is not uncommon in this place. As if foreseeing his sad fate, the kitten literally jumped under Catherine’s feet and loudly crying began to climb up her pant leg.

It was impossible to look at the baby without pain – thin and small, with a tail half torn off and without one eye, he immediately aroused pity.

The girl realized that the baby needed to be saved, so, taking him off the road, she immediately took him to the veterinarian. The situation was typical, but no less terrible for that.

The veterinarian was sure that the kitten used to have a home, he was not adapted to life on the street at all. Living on the street has already cost him one eye and half his tail. The baby could get injured himself, for example, flying on a branch, or perhaps they were inflicted on him by other animals or even people.

The baby was very light and insanely gentle, so he was given the nickname Elf. We were convinced that the cat was domestic as soon as he saw the tray, he knew exactly what it was and how to handle it.

The wound on the eye gradually healed, the torn off piece of the tail had to be removed. Now Elf is 7 months old, he has excellent health and has been sterilized. The baby really needs a home and a family that will appreciate this affectionate and well-mannered baby.

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