Considered purebred – is cared for and loved. When they realized that it was mixed breed, they decided to put him to sleep forever. The fate of a dog named Barry.

Bought this dog as a purebred, paid that way. While he was a puppy, the owners loved him, walked with him and took care of his needs.

After Barry grew up, it became clear that he is a mixed breed, or rather, half a mongrel. And it turned out that there is no breed, so there is no love .

Barry was allowed to go for a walk alone, the owners hoped that he would get lost himself. However, the faithful dog always returned home.

The owners began to think about euthanasia, but veterinarians don’t do this with healthy animals.

Then the family decided to take Barry out of town and leave him there. So they did, they threw the dog out of the car, at the bus stop. The loyal pet at first ran after the leaving car, but then returned to the bus stop, sat down and waited for his owners to return.

As the owners didn’t treat Barry for ticks, he fell ill with piroplasmosis.

They were only interested in how to get rid of the dog.

We were able to persuade the owner to keep the dog with her while he is undergoing treatment.

We covered all the costs of the treatment.

We have very little time, so we urgently need to look for a home for Barry.

The dog is a mixture of a Labrador and some other dog. Kind, affectionate, playful and friendly. He is only 8 months old, still a puppy. He gets along with cats and with other dogs too. Loves children.

Quite a large dog and will still grow up. He is located in the Kursk region.

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