Cold and dirty water did not become an obstacle for Victor. He saved a puppy and made a friend.

On this day, Odessa was covered with a heavy downpour, which, together with hurricane gusts of wind, demolished trees and destroyed the roofs of houses. A stream of water carried a small puppy, he ended up in a ditch overgrown with reeds. It is unlikely that the baby could survive this day if it were not for the guy who passed by and noticed the cub. He pulled the puppy out of the water, saving his life and forging a unique friendship.

Victor was in a hurry to take cover from the downpour when he heard the quiet squeak of a puppy. Looking around, the guy noticed an animal in the water and rushed to his aid.

Barely getting out of the water, Victor called a friend and asked him to search the Internet for how to help an animal with drowning.

Fortunately, the baby did not need much help – he got scared and drank water, but otherwise he was fine.

It turned out that saving one’s neighbor is the vocation of Victor’s entire family, because his father is an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The guy himself is not indifferent to animals, he already has cats, dogs and rodents. In this large family, there was a place for a puppy, who was named Lucky. 

The guy was awarded for his act, but he himself admitted that the best award was not at all the one that the authorities solemnly handed over to him, but the new friend Lucky.

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