Brave dog rescued kittens from a burning building.

A heroic deed in real life is a rare occurrence. Mostly we see it in movies or series. However, what happens in the real world is inaccessible to most.

We want to tell you about a real hero who risked her life to save the kittens. This hero turned out to be a dog, for which it makes no difference that cats are considered enemies. She loved these little ones and was ready to risk her life to save them.

A fire broke out in a residential building. The owners ran out of the house in a panic, saving their lives and forgot about the little kittens that were left inside. They left them in the burning house, but the dog could not accept that they would die.

The animal rushed into the house, engulfed in flames, and carried out each baby in turn. The dog really risked her life to save the kids, who could not get out of this burning house on their own.

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