Before giving birth, she was locked in a closet. They also prepared a bucket of water.

Somehow I found out about a pregnant cat, the sides were already very large, so it was clear that the kittens would soon be born. But they were not planning to keep them alive, because there are too many of them there.

Here I mean one yard near Smolensk. There are a lot of homeless cats that were once domesticated. Residents of houses in this courtyard constantly feed them, but they cannot do sterilization. So that the population of street cats did not increase, they closed pregnant animals closer to birth in a closet. And after the kittens were born, they were simply disposed of using one well-known method — buckets and water.

When I found out about this, I asked to call me when the kitty gives birth. And I said that I would take both mom and children.

The women didn’t mind. And so the cat gave birth to four babies — three boys and a girl. I kept my promise and took everyone. The cat was given the nickname Moore.

The kittens have already grown up, and the cat no longer feeds them. The veterinarian examined her and then we sterilized her.

Mura is only 2-3 years old, she is a very affectionate and kind cat who needs a loving family.

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