At the fair the boy was tired and fell asleep with his cow. This sleep made them famous.

Not so long ago in Iowa, USA, there was a large exhibition of farms that deal with dairy products. Among those who took part in the celebration was teenager Mitchell, with his family. At the fair, the family brought Audrey the cow, Mitchell’s favorite, which was one of the top five animals at the show.

Preparations for the fair exhausted both people and animals, so Audrey and Mitchell fell asleep just during the exhibition. This funny moment was photographed by the father of the guy, he decided to share the photo on the social network.

The picture did not go unnoticed, quickly gathering a lot of views and comments.

Laura Miner, the mother of a teenager, noted that their family takes care of animals, so she considers them almost family. The older generation of the family grew up on the farm and, although Mitchell and his parents moved to the city many years ago, every summer the whole family moves to the farm. life outside the city and caring for animals allows not to forget about our roots, in addition, according to Laura, this forms the right attitudes in children — the ability to appreciate work and take care of others.

When the exhibition ended, Audrey went back to the farm. Thanks to the photo, the cow has become not only the winner of the exhibition, but also the favorite of social networks.

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