At the animal shelter Harry chose the saddest cat for himself.

When Harry saw this cat, he decided that it had the saddest look in the shelter. The animal really sat at a distance from everyone, as if realizing that it had no chance of finding a home.

Harry dreamed of a cat and for a long time tried to persuade his parents to have a pet. In the end, they gave up, the boy decided that he would take a tailed friend from the shelter and do it personally. The child’s parents were surprised that he chose the most unremarkable and old pet.

Harry’s mom said he found it the saddest. The animal really sat farther from the others, as if realizing that it had no chance of finding a new home .

Little Harry very quickly got along with the elderly cat. When he saw the cat already in good lighting, he saw many scars on its body.

However, the boy was not intimidated by the appearance of Gray (nickname of the cat). Shelter staff said that these wounds are the result of a long life on the street.

The boy managed to persuade his mother to take Gray home, although initially they decided that they would take a kitten. At first, the cat was intimidated by the new home, but he was able to adapt. Thanks to Harry, the pet quickly got used to the new place of residence, because he trusted the boy.

Today Gray is an active and affectionate cat. He adores his little master and plays with him as if he were still very young. The boy’s mother said that she had never seen such sympathetic and grateful animals.

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