And how do you feel about mutts? The family saw a homeless ginger cat and took him in.

Today about their pets, decided to tell Daria. For a long period of time, her family had doubts about where they should look for a pet. But when the girl saw an unfortunate little kitten on the street, this issue was resolved by itself.

Since then, Perseus, as the cat was called, has been living with them. At first, the cat behaved very modestly, and got out of his couch only to eat and go out of need. By the way, he started going to the tray from the first day.

Over time, Perseus got used to the new home and became the most beloved pet for his owners.

The cat loves affection, attention and does not leave his owners a single step. Perseus calmly tolerates water procedures and cutting claws.

Daria got the impression that Perseus understood human speech. Before meeting her pet, she thought that such smart cats are only in the movies.

But the story doesn’t end there. Soon, Dasha’s family took in another homeless red cat, who is called Hercules. and Perseus takes care of the new family member as if it were his own child.

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