An elderly cat «persuaded» his new owner to return to the shelter and pick up his friend from there.

Friendship is a form of love, especially if the relationship has been maintained for many years. And if friends have lived a long segment of their lives next to each other, then their connection is very strong. So our heroes of the article have been together for 10 years, and as you understand for cats, this period is considered very long.

16 year old Mars and his 11 year old friend Modi have lived in their owner’s house for many years. These tailed beasts were together all the time, and their friendship became so strong that they could no longer imagine life without each other. However, the owners at some point could no longer keep the older cats, so they ended up in the shelter. There the friends were divided into different cage, and they became sad, missing each other.

At home, the woman noticed that the new pet became even more sad than when it was at the shelter. She began to think that he was melting right before our eyes. And Modi seemed to swear sometimes. He lay down, looked at the new mistress and grumbled something quietly. But the woman liked the cat very much anyway, so she didn’t even think about bringing him back to the shelter. But thoughts about bringing Modi’s friend began to appear more and more every day.

So the staff of the shelter were surprised by the arrival of the woman who didn’t want to take Mars back then.

In the end, the two friends were together again. They stopped being sad and adore their new mistress.

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