After the end of the season, an old summer resident walked sadly around the village, collecting kitten.

At the end of October there were no people left in the dacha settlement. Even on weekends, summer residents came less and less, so the sounds of a noisy feast were not heard for a long time. Only cats remained in the dachas, which over the summer managed to breed and get used to the fact that the locals willingly feed them. With the onset of cold weather, it became more and more difficult for the furry inhabitants of the village to find food.

At this time, Anna began to keep her watch. The pensioner walked around the village and lured animals, offering them simple but satisfying food. The cats immediately went to try the treats. Animals accustomed to people over the summer did not experience any fear of the pensioner.

“There are no delicacies, don’t complain. I myself eat buckwheat with stew and I will share it with you. You will spend the night in a barn, not a hotel, of course, but there is a roof and the wind does not blow. I sketched old mattresses there so that it would be softer for you. 

You should go to the veterinarian so that there are no more offspring, but I just don’t have enough money for this, ”Anna was talking to a black cat that came to her call and spun around under her feet in a friendly way.

A few days later, a dozen cats lived in Anna’s barn. The woman tried to find a home for the babies, collecting them in a box and going to the market. The pensioner looked out for the kindest faces among the buyers and asked them to take the cat. Sometimes the kids after such a trip did not return to the barn, but went to a new home.

The pensioner helped many cats survive the winter, and in the spring they left the hospitable barn and again walked around the village, focusing on the smells of barbecue. Animals didn’t often come to Anna in the summer, but sometimes they still looked in to express their gratitude.

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