A young couple picked up a cat with a paw injury: it turned out that the paw was almost “dry”.

A young couple saw a cat with an injured paw on the street and took it to the vet.

The front paw of the baby was almost completely dry, so she was urgently sent for surgery. Analyzes, the operation itself and the hospital after it cost 9,000 rubles.

The couple who found the cat didn’t have that kind of money, and they could not take the animal after the operation. So the cat turned out to be in our ward.

We named the girl Tortilla because of her tortoiseshell color.

The operation to remove the paw has already been carried out, the cat quickly moved away from it, immediately delighting everyone with a good appetite.

While the cat was taken by one of the volunteers, but Tortilla needs a home, because she cannot live in a shelter.

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