A woman takes only old dogs from shelters to give them love and affection in the last years of their life.

When you get a dog, you need to understand that it is required not only to feed and walk it. Dogs need our love, care and affection, they must feel like real family members. Because only with these animals can the owner develop a special bond that will not be with any other species.

The woman is a volunteer and her name is Deborah Rizzo. She made a choice for herself — to take dogs only of an advanced choice. Thus, the volunteer wants to give them a normal life in the remaining years of life. Deborah has been working with stray dogs for many years on a whim.

Usually no one wants to take older dogs, but a woman is an exception.

Deborah mainly takes home old and sick four-legged ones. When she has the opportunity, she takes one dog for herself. Her last pet was 14-year-old Nike, who lived for a month, he felt love and care every day, and then died.

Deborah had very little time with this dog, but she was able to help him feel calm and warm even in the last month of his life. There were many other dogs before Nike.

Every dog ​​has its own life story. Although it is hard to lose a pet every autumn, Deborah is still ready to help older pets further in order to fill their last days with love and care.

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