A woman, going to work, saw two emaciated and exhausted pit bulls on the threshold.

This story took place in the summer, in the morning. A woman who lives in Philadelphia went to work. However, a discovery awaited her on the threshold of the house. She had to take time off, as the woman needed to take some action.

Near the threshold of the house she saw two exhausted dogs with wounds. The poor animals were sitting, they did not even have the strength to make any sounds.

This picture moved the woman to tears. She felt incredibly sorry for the poor animals. She called a specialized service and the pit bulls were taken to a zoological clinic.

The conclusion that the doctor made is striking in its cruelty. It turned out that dogs were used to train participants in dog fights. The pit bulls had many wounds, they were diagnosed with fractures. The dogs even had their teeth removed so that they could not resist and defend themselves. They had their teeth pulled out without the use of painkillers. such cruelty is astounding!

Also, pit bulls have stomach problems because they were not fed normal food. They are now in stable condition. Soon the dogs will be given to loving owners.

Now the police are looking for the monsters who did this to the animals. Probably, the dogs managed to escape from their tormentors.

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