A woman fed newborn lion cubs and they did not forget her even after 7 years of separation.

Lions are one of the largest predators of felines. Switzerland has a special park dedicated to lions. There, one lioness gave birth to two cubs, which weighed a little more than a kilogram each. however, in nature it happens that animals abandon their children, this is exactly what happened to newborn lion cubs — their mother, a lioness, threw them to another female, which could simply bite the babies.

So the morning at the park staff began with the rescue of lion cubs. One of the workers was able to find the kids in time and do everything to save them. The kids turned out to be two beautiful babies who cried and asked for food. The woman first bathed the cubs, and then fed them from a bottle with a special milk mixture.

The woman had sleepless nights, she was almost never at home, because the babies had to be fed according to the schedule. The cubs slept on a heating pad, hugging each other. Six months later, the babies grew up and they could already eat solid food.

They liked to sit in the hands of a park employee and purr like domestic kittens. Six months later, the cubs were returned to the lion park. After 7 years, the woman came to visit the already adult lionesses, whom she had saved from death.

The animals immediately recognized their human mother, who saved them, although they did not see her for a long time. They were very happy to meet, hugged their savior and licked her face. So every living being will always remember kindness.

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