A very overgrown dog floundered in the mud. But having cut off 16 kg of wool, now you can’t look away from her.

Today we will tell you the story of a dog, the Pyrenean mountain breed, named Loren. The owner did not let her out of the barn for seven years. He did not feed and water the animal regularly. The dog has never seen the world outside the walls of her confinement. The neighbors knew that the man was keeping the animal in the barn, but called the animal rescue service only when the terminally ill owner stopped bringing food to the dog at all.

Rescuers arrived quickly, but in order to get inside the shed, they had to first clear the ground from a multi-year layer of excrement, since the door of the room was blocked by them. The appearance of the dog shocked everyone.

Her hair had grown a lot, was all stained with dirt and feces. The first thing the volunteers did was cut the dog’s hair. The first few minutes, the dog was very nervous, because she did not understand what they would do with her. But then she realized that they wanted to help her, and calmed down. The weight of the cut wool reached 16 kilograms.

There was a very thin body under the fur. When the dog was taken out into the street, she carefully walked on the ground, not understanding what she should do.

The dog’s tail was also broken, and there were injuries on the body. But she quickly got used to the new living conditions and waited for caring owners to take her away.

The first walk in freedom was filmed.

It is very difficult to realize that people can dispose of the lives of defenseless animals with impunity. Why did the previous owner lock his pet in the barn? What prompted him to do this? We hope that in the future Loren will have a joyful life in a loving family.

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